Welcome to Easy Kayaking.   We are located near High Springs, Florida and specialize in short, fun, informative and affordable
kayak tours. We do tours throughout North Central Florida and are known for delivering the best local kayak eco-tours
An experienced naturalist and kayaker will show you how to kayak comfortably, care for you on the kayak tour and see that you
enjoy yourself.   And our kayaks and gear are the best around here, without question.

We also offer an excellent kayaking class that takes you from the basics of kayaking on up to doing successful rescues.

Click for info on Tours                                                                Click for info on Lessons:

Easy Kayaking offers a number of kayak tours throughout Florida. There are many beautiful areas which lend themselves to  
memorable tours, and lots of spots for birders, photographers, and people just wanting to get out on the water. You can paddle on  
rivers or bays, go fossil hunting; see dolphin or manatee, mangrove tunnels, or kayak with us to learn about various eco-systems.  
We offer tours in Venice, Englewood, and have wonderful kayak tours on five clear, spring-fed rivers throughout Northern Florida.

This site has dozens of pages- take your time and see what we have to offer...we tour about 20 places regularly. For
costs and
descriptions of our tours
, just click here.  We do one three hour tour in the morning, and schedule per the tides and when
wildlife is seen the most. You'll learn a lot about kayaking and Florida. We do not do several quickie "tours" throughout the day.  Our
our dates are listed on Facebook.com  as Easy Kayaking: Lessons and Tours in "Events".  Just call or click "Contact us" to
make reservations ahead of time.

We now have
Gift Certificates available. We are perfect for Meet-up groups, clubs or private parties, and if you bring your
kayak and gear, the tour is only $25. We also give substantial discounts to
religious organizations, schools and groups.
There's no better way to try kayaking in Florida!

We also offer a number of
group paddles -these aren't guided tours but allow you and your friends to spend some time kayaking
together and see many of the nicer places to paddle for a very low price. We'll supply great kayaks and gear at the launch point,
give you directions, and pick up the kayaks at a set time. Group paddles are scheduled
in advance so they don't conflict with our
Tours or Kayak Lessons - but you get a rock bottom price. See the
Payments page to see how you and your friends can kayak!

1) Tours are limited to 6-8 people maximum per trip. You will not find yourself paddling behind 10-25 other kayaks, wondering where the leader is,
or what he is saying. We do not feel it is safe, or much of a "tour" to have more than 6-8 kayaks per leader, -no matter
what  the water conditions

2) We help you select a kayak that is the right size, we fit it to
you, and take some time to show you how to paddle comfortably, safely and
efficiently.  We usually use touring kayaks, which are higher quality, safer and more effective than recreational kayaks... And much EASIER to

3) We loan you windproof jackets and pants (usually gore-tex) so you stay warm and dry on the tour. (No charge for these... just give them back!)

4) We also loan free drybags or dryboxes so your keys or cameras are protected.

Please check these points when you are planning a kayak tour in SW Florida:

A)"How many people are on the tour?" Usually 3-4, with 6-8 maximum. (Would you want to paddle behind 10 - 20 other people on a tour?)
B)"Where do you go?"  We plan our tours around your interests, or can offer 15-20  locations you may like even more.  We don't put dozens on
people on the same route day after day...that's
profitable for a tour business, but creates overcrowding and is less enjoyable for paddlers.  It also
increases stress on the wildlife and habitats. We'd rather paddle without  the crowds where possible. Click
"tours" to see places we offer.
C)"How much?" Save some cash... we give a great tour but usually charge  a little less as our overhead is low. We don't create big marketing /
advertising bills and pass those costs on to you. To us, having quality kayaks and providing better service is the right thing to do. You get a better
tour, we make more friends and get more business. Please compare prices, the quality of service...
then call us!
We love what we do. We aren't out to get EVERY person on our tour, just to satisfy every person we tour.
E) Our tours are in shallow saltwater areas or rivers that are noted for their scenery or the wildlife. You'll like them! Please look
at the photos on the site.
Our tours and classes use higher quality kayaks and are led by an experienced kayaker who knows the area, teaches kayak safety, is Red
Cross trained in First Aid and CPR. He's friendly and will help you enjoy the tour. "For a good time", please call Easy Kayaking.
If you have children who are curious about their surroundings, I'll place them in kayaks that fit them. Kayaking is extroverting and
can increase their skills, their confidence, and interest in life. I can fit them in quality kayaks made for smaller persons, and they can stay at the
head of the tour (safely). It's FUN for them! (They make ask you to go kayaking from that point onward though...)

We really try to give better service and for lower prices. If you'd like to try a short tour, privately or as part of a small group,
see the
Tours  page for details.  We hope to see you on one of our tours...

Our kayaks: 17' Impex Currituck, 16' 5" Wilderness Systems Tempest 165,  Kayaksport Viking Expedition
(16'3" from Finland) , 2 Wilderness Systems (WS)Tsunami 145, (4) 14' Impex Mystic, WS Tsunami 140, Ocean
Kayak Prowler 13 with rudder, a 13'6' WS Piccolo,  13' Perception Arcadia, WS 12' Tsunami 120 SP, WS Pungo
120, 12' WS Tschaika Pro,  a 14' Stealth surfski, and a couple of two seater (tandem) kayaks.  It's nice to be in
a quality kayak that is fitted to YOU.  See reviews of these kayaks
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Kayak eco-tours, meet-ups, fossiling and
an excellent kayak class (basics to rescues)
Easy Kayaking:      
Lessons and Tours
                                              Kayak Tours  and Lessons in North Florida
Note: I have moved back to North Florida, where it is less crowded, and there is much more wildlife.  I still give kayak
classes in the SW Florida every other month, but am now located near High Springs, Florida.  This website is still being
updated, so if you have a question, please call 941-960-5505

We are best known for eco-tours and lessons. We do NOT rent kayaks.  Our next
kayaking classes in Venice are on the
25th of June. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible.